• 1707 L St. NW 25’ wide x 40’ deep, Stainless Steel over a concrete substructure. We use this as our standard of quality whenever we are speaking with people about tolerances in the built environment, i.e., construction tolerances. We view construction tolerances as what you make them, so we make them tight. Rebuilt by OEC in 2010, even today there is not an open seam or reveal that is not within 1/64”. Sheet metal designed to be structural itself, this canopy has not moved or significantly changed since the day it was installed.

• 1250 24th St NW similarly, a 20’ deep x 24’ wide x 2’ thick canopy, clad in stainless steel. Seamless to the eye, this canopy is similarly built to within 1/64”.

• 5th & H Street NW – A canopy full of detail, all installed exactly as planned.


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