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The OEC Engineering Process

Serving the DC Region and Nationwide

Beginning in 1993 as a manufacturer for flight hardware in the Aerospace
Industry, OEC has been on the forefront of the digital fabrication wave. Wherever
we work we bring the highest standards and machine tolerances to your projects.

Contact us and let’s discover the universe of possibilities.

Providing Value-Added Fabrication Services at the Confluence of Architecture Engineering and Art.

Our innovative use of technology and manufacturing practices enables OEC Engineering to be at the apex of Architectural fabrication. Our willingness and ability to create and implement new means and methods allows us to provide elegant solutions to bring designs to life.

Our mission ensures that our clients needs are paramount, and our collaborative approach to results will meet or exceed all expectations.

We offer a complete vertical integration – from design consultation to fabrication, and job site installation.

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September 28, 2023

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September 28, 2023

The Engineering Process

Project Management

With a tightly controlled group, OEC is able to manage projects with integrated communication for real-time updates and clear communication with clients. In the built environment, honest assessments and commitment to the results are the backbone of any successful project.

Design and Ideation

We take on the most complex of tasks, cultivating real-world solutions from conceptual designs. Our broad industrial resume provides us the agility and expertise to create dynamic engineered solutions bringing your designs to life!


After the idea is accepted, this becomes the next step. In this phase, we go into modeling to work out all the details that make the objective workable. Our Design Engineering will take the idea and work it out with our 3d CAD systems and, if need be, create a prototype to prove it. If required, we also can provide an engineering stamp.


Following design confirmation – our project team will ensure high-quality outcomes. With our industrial partners – we provide materials to exacting specifications to achieve the desired results. Working with construction partners we understand that site conditions often change and we remain reactive and flexible to create successful projects. Often project templates are created for field verified results before final fabrication. We also have the ability to fabricate customer supplied materials providing B2B product solutions.


While the business predominately involves metals, we are experienced in a wide range of materials and associated processes. From metals to plastics vinyl or glass OEC has the expertise to handle projects with combined materials and disciplines.

Custom Finishing

We can create custom finishes by hand, or machine! From public works to high-end office installations – OEC can provide a wide range of finishes on a multitude of materials. SEE GALLERY FOR EXAMPLES


Utilizing planning and design, OEC can create simply installed products shipped nationwide. Locally we can install everything from large feature walls- railing systems – to communication devices.