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The OEC Engineering Capabilities

Serving the DC Region and Nationwide

Beginning in 1993 as a manufacturer for flight hardware in the Aerospace
Industry, OEC has been on the forefront of the digital fabrication wave. Whatever the project we bring the highest standards and machine tolerances to your projects.

Contact us and let’s discover the universe of possibilities.

OEC Engineering is at our core Digital Fabricators and boasts some of the most advanced fabrication equipment and processes in the DC Metropolitan Area.

Using a model-driven process, robotically executed and human finished and reviewed by master craftsman – OEC can provide fully customized projects engineered to perfection and supplied with predictable efficient results.

Size Counts at OEC Engineering

Waterjet Cutting

5-Axis Waterjet CNC (8’-0” x 13’-0”) or (96” x 156”)
2- Axis CNC Shear


7-Axis Metal Press Brake (13’-0” x ½”)
3-Axis Milling (6’-0” x 5’-0” x 1’-0”)


Precision Saw (18” x 22”) cross-section
Welding Heavy MIG & TIG


Custom metal finishes from patterns and patinas to painting and powder-coating


Once your objective is determined in our virtual space, we then put into our automated fabrication process and followed with fi assembly and finishing by our highly skilled craftspeople.


Our master-level craftspeople will robotically produce templates to match your site. At this point, shapes and tolerances won’t vary from the templates.